VIDEO: Intro to a Net-Zero Energy Home

Council Member Mark Bostic of Square One Designs gives us a quick intro to what should be the first Net-Zero Energy home in the CHiP Home Program. We’ve got more videos from testing day including an interview with the builder, Jenny Nettles of Epic Homes, LLC, coming soon.

Video: Fireplace Unit Insulation

The location of insulation around a fireplace unit is important, and unfortunately done incorrectly most of the time. Claude St. Hilaire of Home Energy Group explains how it is most commonly done wrong, how it should be done, and why. See more educational videos on high-performance building topics at our YouTube Page (click here).

Welcome Executive Construction Homes to the CHiP Home Program!

The High Performance Building Council (HPBC) of the Building Industry Association of Central SC would like to welcome Executive Construction Homes to the Certified High Performance (CHiP) Home Program. The company’s first three CHiP Homes are located in the Northwoods Villas neighborhood of Woodcreek Farms in Northeast Columbia, SC. These homes have also been certified… Continue reading Welcome Executive Construction Homes to the CHiP Home Program!