CHiP Home Builders

The CHiP Home Program can be used by any builder to certify any new home. The program is robust as it is based on the ANSI-approved National Green Building Standard™, yet flexible as it allows the builder to choose the best way to attain certification from a point-based system.

We are fortunate to have homebuilders in our area that believe in building high-performance homes, and they have selected the CHiP Home Program to help them deliver that product. Look for CHiP Homes from these fine builders:

Epic Homes LLC     Stanley Martin Homes short 1a

Executive Construction Homes logo        Great Southern Homes

  ParadimeConst_large           Southern Traditional Homes logo-web

Again, the CHiP Home Program can be used by any builder on any project.

Click here to learn how to start building Certified High Performance Homes.

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