Building to CHiP

If you’re looking to have your next home built to a higher-performing standard, you’re in the right place. Our program is set up so that any builder can build to it. We recommend High Performance Building Council members because they have access to education on the program and may have a better working knowledge of the program than non-members. Learn why home certification is important.

Through the Certified High Performance (CHiP) Home program, the house is certified green, not the builder. Our program is based on the ANSI-approved National Green Building Standard™ which gives the builder and future homeowner many options on achieving certification. All homes must be third-party tested and verified in order to be certified in the program and therefore must reach a minimum standard in the program. After that, you can build the home however you like.

Video Learning Center
Building a high-performance home is different than building a traditional home. Some of the differences are small, some are broad; some make sense and some make you think. With the help of our members, we will offer educational videos on high performance building techniques, tests and products to help everyone get a better understanding of what it takes to make a home a high-performance home. Click here to visit the Video Learning Center.

Approved local program verifiers:

These companies have been approved to verify homes in the CHiP Home Program. These companies also offer home energy rating services that are required to attain certification. Each company sets their own pricing for their services. Rates may vary from company to company and based on size and location of the project.

Certification Resources:
Copies of the National Green Building Standard™ (ICC-700) are available at the BIA of Central SC office located at 625 Taylor St. in Columbia, SC. Contact us for more information on how to get a copy – (803) 256-6238 or via e-mail. See the on-line CHiP Tool (below).

CHiP Builder/Verifier Tool
Click here to save our CHiP Tool to your computer. It is an Excel Spreadsheet required to certify to our program. Then, open that file and start completing the fields and save your work as you go. Once the Builder and third-party Verifier sign off on the tool, it is submitted with a home image and certification fees to the BIA of Central SC office.

CHiP Home Certification Fees –
Early on in this program we learned that price is an important factor for certification.  We believe that building homes to be more energy efficient, more water efficient, to have better indoor air quality and to use less resources than traditionally built homes is the right thing to do, and we don’t want certification fees to get in the way of that. For this reason, we have the lowest certification fees of any comparable program… by a long shot.

  • 1 – 49 Homes in 12 Months: $50/home for members ($100/home for non-members)
  • 50 – 99 Homes in 12 Months: $35/home for members ($70/home for non-members)
  • 100+ Homes in 12 Months: $25/home for members ($50/home for non-members)

These are Certification Fees only. Other fees will apply in order to attain certification including rating and verification fees (set by the rater/verifier on the project) and any construction costs associated with products/services needed to meet program requirements.

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