Welcome Southern Traditional Homes to the CHiP Home Program!

Southern Traditional Homes logo-webThe High Performance Building Council (HPBC) of the Building Industry Association of Central SC would like to welcome Southern Traditional Homes to the Certified High Performance (CHiP) Home Program.

In 2018, Joe Jur and Thom Chumney established Southern Traditional Homes, Inc. Utilizing their 50 years of combined experience in Residential Construction they made a commitment to build homes differently. They developed The Integrated Home Advantage; a building platform that integrates the most current processes and procedures for Energy efficiency, water conservation, air quality and being good stewards of our resources and planet while at the same time connecting the home with trending technology allowing the homeowners to have better control of how they use their home. This combination assists the homeowner in making their home more affordable to operate.

By partnering with RESNET and the Home Energy Group, Southern Traditional Homes has committed to building, testing, and certifying every home. Each Southern Traditional Home will be certified through the Certified High Performance (CHiP) home program with the Building Industry Association of Central SC as well.

Southern Traditional Homes, Inc. designated Energy Smart Builder

November 2018 – In making the commitment, these builders have been designated by RESNET as RESNET Energy Smart Builders. RESNET Energy Smart Builders are leading the transformation of the housing industry towards high energy performance homes by committing to RESNET’s stringent standards of home energy ratings and marketing their homes.

“It takes a special kind of organization to commit to testing and rating 100% of their homes and we are glad to be a part of that process,” Noe Montalvo, Southeast Operations Manager, Home Energy Group.