Building to CHiP in 5 Steps

So, you’re getting ready to build a new home.  There’s lots of decisions to make along the way, and many of them have to be made right at the beginning. The choice to make an environmentally-responsible and forward-thinking home is one you can make right now by building to the CHiP Home Program. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Make the decision to certify your new home in the CHiP Home Program to enjoy water and energy efficiency for the life of the home, better indoor air quality for your family, and peace of mind of a third-party verified, and nationally accredited program. Learn more here.
  1. Get your builder on-board with the certification and hire a third-party rater. Any builder can build to the program, but we do have approved raters and verifiers to help steer the way and work with the program. See them on this page.
  1. Work with your builder and rater to plan the best route to your new CHiP Home. There’s lots of different ways to get there, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything.  Use the CHiP Tool to keep up with your decisions now, and help the build process go all the smoother.  Download it here.
  1. Your rater/verifier will visit the home throughout the build to make sure the checklist is being followed and that CHiP items are being met and documented. At the end, the rater will perform a blower door test and give the home a HERS score. What’s a HERS Score?
  1. Once your home is complete, the builder and verifier will sign off on the completed CHiP Tool and turn it in for certification. Your home will now be registered in our database and will have the CHIP Home Program logo on the panel box.  Enjoy your new home!

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