Welcome PEG, LLC to the CHiP Home Program!

The CHiP Home Program is a flexible yet powerful way for building industry professionals to attain a high-performance certification on their projects. Each home must be built to the program and a third-party verifier must visit each home to check that the builder did what they said they would do, or the home will not be certified. Without these verifiers, our program and others like it would be nothing but meaningless marks on a page.

With this, we would like to welcome PEG, LLC to the growing CHiP Home Program! PEG, LLC is a Virginia-based, woman-owned business. They present a comprehensive capacity for the practical application and understanding of engineering and environmental solutions to challenges experienced in the construction and operation of the built environment.


PEG services focus on several key areas with the application of more than seventeen years of consultation excellence for clients throughout the United States and abroad. The company has been a proud participant in the ENERGY STAR for New Homes program for more than five years and inspects and certifies more than 13,000 homes per year on average from as many as 22 different states in any given year. Clients include the largest National Publicly Traded builders, large regional builders, custom home builders and low-income builders.

Sandy Gallo, Senior Operations Manager of PEG, LLC, is the member-of-record in the BIA of Central SC High Performance Building Council and our contact with the company. Mr. Gallo brings a great wealth of knowledge and experience with him, and a unique ability to “think outside the box” and deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. Contact Mr. Gallo at (703) 934-2777 or via e-mail.

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